We are pleased to announce the release of Magnum 6.5! This release features a new and improved version of the Chronology tool, offering better usability, flexibility and a series of additional enhancements that help you better organize your facts.

User Features


  • Create Custom Fields: Add up to 20 custom fields to your Chronologies to capture the details most relevant to your case. Set different field types and reorder all fields to suit your needs.
  • Create Custom Types and Statuses: Set up specific Chronology field ‘types’ and additional custom statuses to add background to your entries - all accessible via the updated ‘Manage Chronologies’ dialogue.
  • Customized Imports: Enjoy increased flexibility when importing entries with the ability to select and apply a specific Destination Chronology, File Encoding and Source Delimiter for your import file.
  • Keyboard Navigation: Browse easily from one Chronology entry, column or linked source to the next using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • Sources Column: View your Source documents at a glance within the Sources column, now included in the Chronology columns by default.
  • Source Document Preview: Get a quick closer look at your Source Document and its properties with the improved Document Preview pane on the right side of the page. Want to expand your view of the Chronology table? No problem – each preview can be hidden with just one click.
  • Source Document Tags Filtering: Filter and organize entries by their Source Document Tags to find items most relevant to your case.
  • Rich-Text Formatting: Add a wider range of characters and formatting to your entries – Magnum now accommodates bullets and bold/italic/underline.
  • Chronology Ordering: Chronologies are now listed alphabetically
  • Updated Tools Menu: This now includes ‘Import Entries’ and ‘Export Manager’ tools.
  • Document Preview 
  • Get a more informed look at your selected document and its metadata with the improved Document Preview pane, which appears on the right side of the page in the Documents, Transcripts and Search tabs.
  • Documents Page: Bookmark View
  • Work within different tabs or pause/resume your work in Magnum without losing your place in the Documents index; a quick click on the Bookmark button saves your current working view for the next time the page loads up.
  • Document Stamps
  • Create and manage Document Stamps within the Documents Tab – no longer requiring Admin rights to do so! Set up your stamps from within the Tools menu, then conveniently apply them to an entire folder by simply right-clicking and selecting the Document Stamps option.
  • Search: Special Characters
  • Broaden your search terms using periods, commas and special characters.
  • Transcripts: Designation Comments
  • Add comments on the fly while applying designations to your transcript with free-text comment functionality.

Workspace Administrator Features

  • Notes: Bulk Delete Feature
  • Conveniently select and remove unwanted Notes/Designations in bulk from the Notes Tab, allowing more control over your work product.

System Administrator Features (Enterprise Only)

Server Settings: API Access Key

  • Locate your API access key or create a new one within the Server Settings page of System Admin for use with any third-party integrations.