User Features

· Help Desk

    o New Help Guide. A new and improved help desk for users has been launched, with added  ease and convenience for locating guide articles based on topics, more detailed  information on Magnum functionality, and the ability to print each article in  PDF for easier circulation to clients and case teams. 


· Exports

    o Transcript Exports. The Transcript Export dialogue has been revamped with more options  to customize exports. Advanced options will allow control over general  formatting, layout, work product selections and custom header/footer text. 

    o Transcript Export Filters. Users now have greater control over individual transcript  export filters, with Designation and Annotation filters set in the Transcript  viewer translated directly into export filters. The Filterbutton will be highlighted in green to indicate that filtering is  applied.

    o Export Manager. The Export Manager page has been updated to display more details  regarding the status of export jobs, and now provides a downloadable error  report in CSV format to address any issues.

    o Export Progress Bar. An export task progress bar has been added so that users can monitor  the status of export jobs as they are being processed.

    o Export Email Notifications. Users are notified with an email once a large export job  completes, which will include a link to download from the Export Manager.

    o Export  Cover Page. The Document Index on Multiple PDF Exports has been restyled  for a cleaner look that is more consistent with the index in Magnum.


· Documents

    o Upload Tool. Dragging and dropping documents and folders directly into the  Documents tab automatically triggers the Upload dialogue, allowing for a  quicker, more streamlined upload process.

    o Document Links. For documents or transcripts that contain linked documents, users  now have the option to easily add a tag through the Linked Document right-click  selection in the Documents tab columns view.


· Home Page

    o Home Page View. The ‘Recent Documents’ feature has been removed.


· Tags

    o Full Name of Tags. Users now have the option to display the full text name of all  tags in the Documents index, allowing users to see this information alongside  icons. 

    o Tag Consolidation Threshold. Workspace administrators can now set the threshold  for the number of tags displayed as icons before they are consolidated in the index,  providing flexibility when viewing document tags at a glance.

    o Manage Tags Button. The Tags button in the Documents tab has been renamed to  “Manage Tags”.


· Transcripts

    o Transcript Sorting. The list of transcripts is now sorted by deponent name and not by  date, ensuring easier navigation through the Transcripts tab.

    o Export Options Defaults. New transcript export options can be saved as default for  each user, for added convenience when performing successive exports. Original  default options can also be restored if required.

    o Destination Folders. Power Users and Users now have capability to select and change the  default destination folder for transcripts and exhibits within the Import  Transcripts dialogue.

    o Long Tag Names in Transcripts. The Notes dialogue box within Transcripts can now  properly accommodate long tag names in the list of top ten recently used tags.

    o Manage Designations Button. Users now have a more intuitive starting point for  setting up and managing designation types, through a new “Manage Designations”  button added at the top of the Transcripts tab.

    o Annotation/Designation  Overlap. Overlapping annotations/designations are now displayed in exported  transcripts with their respective highlight colors layered one over the other  in chronological order, with the most recently created annotation/designation  color on top.

    o Renaming  of Transcript Functions. Edit Transcript Properties and Transcript Export  options have been made updated, “Testimony Start Page” and “Testimony End Page”  control the points at which line numbers are displayed. This feature controls  the new “Print Non-Testimony Pages Full Size” option in the new export  dialogue.


· Custom Workspace Agreement Feature

    o Custom Agreements. To help optimize data security requirements on certain matters,  there is now an Admin page option that allows workspaces to display a custom  message to users on login, which must be accepted before access to content is  granted; this is most useful for GDPR and when managing external user access.