A number of minor bug fixes across Magnum have been addressed  to improve usability.


-      Workspace archives now include MP4 videos when the "Include Native Media Files" checkbox is

ticked before archiving


-      Fixed a bug that prevented deleted source documents from being removed from entries

-      Right-click options for newly added Chronology entries now display immediately and do not

require a browser refresh

-      Fixed a bug with Link Entries to Sources function not working

-      Fixed a bug that was causing misalignment of headers and columns

-      Deleted source entries no longer show up in searches using the “Find” field


-      Document Stamps: improved appearance of Document Stamps on exported documents so that

borders appear evenly on the stamps and the stamp size matches what is in Magnum

-      OCR: Fixed OCR Documents dialogue so that the document table no longer extends outside of

the dialogue box with long document names

-      OCR: Fixed OCR Documents dialogue so that vertical scroll bar still appears, does not expand

vertically and can be moved around the page even with large document sets


-      Fixed false status messages indicating export failed when it actually completed

-      Fixed a bug with text not displaying clearly in annotations in transcript exports due to the

font color

-      Fixed a bug preventing designations from displaying on exported transcript

-      Fixed a bug that prevented in-document links in export cover pages from working; added an

error message informing users of failed document exports

-      Edited names of Designations now update correctly when the transcript is exported.

-      Fixed the coloring of transcript designations in exports to ensure they match exactly the

designation colors viewed in Magnum

-      Fixed export index so that it now includes all failed documents in the list.

-      Commas have been removed from Designation details in Transcript exports.

-      Fixed designation comments to ensure that all comments display correctly in exported


-      Fixed pagination on transcript exports so that the starting page numbers match what is in


-      Fixed cover page formatting on exports so that page numbering and table size are correctly

displayed and do not overlap

-      Added an error message to transcript exports when user attempts to apply an invalid page


-      Designations summary now correctly displays only the designations within the specified

export page range

-      Fixed error with exporting transcripts with annotations or exhibits, wherein export fails

before completion with "not able to find result in shared area" error message.

-      Fixed designations on exported transcripts so that time stamps and page-line references are

correct and accurate

-      Fixed a bug that had exports failing for rotated documents

-      Fixed a bug with highlighted text on exported transcripts not matching what is in Magnum

-      Fixed Chronology export bugs so that entries are no longer omitted, and formatting is

correctly set for larger sets of data

-      Fixed a bug with the “Scale Pagination to fit page” export option


-      Fixed a bug with free-text Designation Comments so that they now appear on both the page and

on exports


-      Fixed “Manage Tags” dialogue to correctly display long tag names

Workspace Setup

-      Master/Mirror workspaces: Trash documents no longer appear in searches in mirror workspaces

User Accounts and Roles

-      Fixed bug that prevented the “Edit Any Note” capability from being applied successfully

-      Power Users are now able to access the “Link Exhibits” tool in Transcripts