• Fixed a bug affecting the appearance of the header and hyperlinks in Magnum registration emails.



  • Fixed a cosmetic bug that prevents the Chronology from extending to the end of the page when the Preview is collapsed.
  • Search hits in a Chronology using the “Find” box now include uppercase letters in search hits.
  • When applying a new order for Fields via Manage Chronologies, a page refresh is no longer required to see updated ordering.
  • Fixed a bug that delays the complete loading of a Chronology when switching between different Chronologies.
  • All items within the tabs in “Manage Chronologies” are now listed alphanumerically.
  • The “Create Entry” or “Add to Existing Entry” options are no longer made available if no Chronologies are active on Workspace.
  • Newly created Chronologies are no longer duplicated when the Manage Chronologies dialog is closed and then reopened, and are also now immediately available without a page refresh.
  • Time zone values in Chronology entries are now correctly displayed.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented text formatting (bold, underline and italicize) from appearing correctly in Chronology entry descriptions.
  • Double clicking a chronology entry now launches the Edit Entry dialog.
  • Fixed a bug with the date range filters that prevented entries containing the exact date entered in the “From” or “To” boxes from appearing.
  • Deleted entries no longer require a page refresh to be removed from the display.
  • Status can now be created in “Manage Chronologies” without assigning a color.
  • When filtering by Sources, entries with no Sources no longer appear.
  • The default sort order is now by date of Chronology entry rather than creation date.
  • The DOCX format Chronology export now works as expected, and now includes Sources.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Filter by Date” function so that it now works as expected.
  • Any default fields now appear in default order rather than alphanumerical.
  • Deleted sources no longer appear in Source Tags filter results.
  • The “Find” tool now works for imported entries and Source Fields.
  • When importing entries with no active chronology, “Create New Chronology” is now auto populated in the destination field, preventing import errors.
  • When sorting chronology fields, any empty fields now always move to bottom of sort order.
  • The “Not Linked” status no longer appears for Imported Entries with no Source Docs.
  • External links as Sources from CSV imports are now correctly hyperlinked after import, and are ignored when using “Link Entries to Sources” tool.


  • Individual document stamp position adjustments made in Magnum document view are now retained when documents are downloaded through Bulk Export.
  • Fixed a bug affecting hyperlinked documents, so that all links and documents are now included in exports.


  • Users can now bulk delete notes, without having to have enter range (I.e. Document Date, Name, Note date etc). of notes selected.




  • Searching now returns the correct and complete results when periods “.” and blank spaces “ “ are used in search terms.