We are pleased to announce the release of Magnum 6.9! This update addresses bugs raised since the release of 6.8, and includes multiple improvements designed to boost the overall user and administrator workflow on the Magnum platform. Some highlights of this version include improved loading speeds, a customizable logo and text for the login page, and improvements for Notes reporting.


  • Metadata Imports. Add vital information to case documents without worrying about overwriting current, essential metadata, with the Magnum ID value now being a locked field for CSV metadata imports.


  • Searching through Chronologies. Search for key terms and identify relevant entries with more ease, with the improved “Find” function. Locate search hits instantly with the new highlighting of results and streamline your search hits further with the ability to apply filters.


  • Notes Reports. Obtain more concise and flexible annotations reporting when preparing for trial, with the new Folder Path column in CSV reports that shows users at a glance which deponent a trial exhibit is linked to.


  • Loading Speeds. Efficiently manage your case team’s time working on transcripts and exhibits – even in a large database - with improved speeds for transcript and exhibit link loading.

Enterprise Updates (System Admin)

  • Customized Login Page. Create a custom look for your main Magnum login page by adding a logo and accompanying text that best represent your firm. Your customized logo and text now appear on the memorable word page as well.