• Fixed a bug so that System Admins are now able to see the Upload History of other users.
  • “Enable 2FA” can now be turned on from the Workspace Admin page.
  • Fixed an issue with changing the role of a user whose email address had been updated.
  • Memorable word input ignores browser autofill.
  • Fixed an issue with deletion of existing links from the Auto-link Dialogue.



  • Optimized loading of Chronology data sources, preventing errors on loading pages with very large number of Chronology entries.
  • Added a Last Modified column that displays the date and time of the last edit to the entry, along with the user account that made changes.
  • Unlinked sources no longer disappear when adding an additional source.
  • Fixed a bug with Find tool that excludes Tag Names in list of results.
  • Entries no longer duplicate sources when adding notes to entry.
  • Export Chronology as DOCX now includes hyperlinks.



  • Account Login Email case no longer causes duplicated work product for different case types. (I.E. Upper- and Lower-Case Email addresses).
  • Fixed an issue with TIFF File conversion on upload.
  • Browser autofill no longer suggests text in Find and Search dialogues.



  • “Clear my Exports” feature now clears down temporary files as well as exports.
  • Folders with “/” in name no longer cause sub-directories on export.
  • Export Order now matches order shown on Magnum for emails and attachment families.
  • Download Native from Chronology now works as expected.



  • Fixed an issue with Search Query Builder to address bug with “Within 10 words” clause.