Introducing 7.0

We are pleased to announce the release of version 7.0. This new release will deliver an enhanced witness management capability, in addition to an improved user experience that reflects our new brand. If you have any questions or would like a demonstration of the new features, please contact your Opus 2 Client Success Manager.


  • Enhanced user experience with improved color contrasts and a cleaner interface (no change to existing functionality). 
  • Enhanced case preparation feature: Characters.
  • Changes to browser support.


New Design

As part of our ongoing investment to improve the user experience of the Opus 2 platform, we have updated it to reflect our new brand.

There has been no change to existing functionality, so you can continue to use the platform exactly as you did before. Although, with the changes, you’ll notice our new brand designs, a cleaner interface and improved color contrast. 

New Typeface, Modern Graphics and Faster Information Delivery

There is more than just new design; our engineers have been hard at work 

designing interfaces that work with you. Long-time users will feel right at

home, with familiar menus and shortcuts - but you'll notice subtle changes

we've made to bring the information and tools you need to the forefront.

We've increased readability with a modern typeface, Lato, which is easier to

read across multiple screen sizes. It is designed to make those long case

preparation sessions easier.

You'll see new colors and graphics, from the get-go - from the new login

page through to the core document tools you use everyday - everything has

been updated to reflect our new design principles.

To add to this, we’re continuing to make optimizations under the hood,

which will make accessing your documents and work product faster than


New Tools and Improvements


In this release, we are pleased to introduce the new Characters feature, which enhances the platform's witness management capabilities. You can now analyze your case information with greater flexibility to derive smarter insights.

You’ll be able to:

  • Prepare witness binders in less time! With a centralized view of the witnesses in your case and all the information related to them, you can find what you need and export with ease;
  • Quickly and easily capture and review relationships between your witness and key evidence with multi-directional linking;
  • Tailor the Characters feature to suit your individual cases. Add, remove and modify any information field and customize the layout exactly how you want it; and
  • Use advanced views, such as worksheets and cards, that offer different lenses to view your case information. We’ll be adding more views in future releases to provide even greater flexibility.

For a full demonstration on how to use this tool, please contact your Opus 2 Client Success Manager.

NB: Linking to your Documents and Annotation work product will share a list view of that information with all workspace users - a warning message is in place on any restricted content such as documents with ACL. 


Changes to browser support

From version 7.0 onwards, we will no longer be supporting Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). If you continue using IE, you’ll notice that some features may not function as expected. When logging into Opus 2, if you are using IE, you’ll notice a warning message on the login screen.


We recommend that you use the latest version of one of the following supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge



Updated and simplified EULA

We felt our previous EULA was too complex and burdensome for our users, so we have simplified it. The new EULA takes a more streamlined approach to make the user aware of the rules and their responsibilities when using our platform.

Next time you login to Opus 2, you’ll be presented with our new EULA which you’ll need to read and accept before you proceed.