Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • Customize user roles to allow for Characters tool access and editing.
  • Workspace description now visible to users on homepage.
  • New custom user role for Chronology admin.
  • Fixed issue where 2FA may not have synced correctly for users on setup.
  • Deleting a workspace from the System Admin page now permanently removes all documents associated with that workspace.
  • Downloading/deleting archives now works as designed.


  • Added ability to add link to Character in Chronology entry dialog.
  • Fixed text wrapping when resizing Chronology columns. 
  • Linked documents now show strategic hyperlinks in the preview window (if applicable).
  • Clicking on a linked source now takes you to the correct page within the target transcript.
  • Editing an entry no longer changes the date stamp to UTC.


  • New confirmation dialog to prevent upload to home directory.


  • "Multiple PDFs with Index" now selected by default when exporting multiple documents.


  • Added Characters icon to annotation dialog.
  • "Add Note" dialog no longer retains previous Chronology link data when making a new annotation.
  • Annotation highlights are retained when moving through preview window dialog.


  • Fixed issue where documents with a high page count or high result count don't load correctly after conducting a search. 
  • All documents/transcripts now load in search filter correctly.