Bug Fixes


  • SSO-authenticated System Admin users can now reset passwords for non-SSO users.
  • SSO-authenticated System Admin users are no longer asked for passwords in the Archive Manager.


  • Characters worksheets are now included when a workspace is cloned or archived.
  • "Add to Character" option now working in the Search tab.


  • Fixed the misaligned headers in linked document lists in the Columns view.
  • Folders can now be set back to the default purple color.
  • Reordering documents includes all parent emails and attachments.
  • Documents with an uppercase .PDF file extension now work with the right-click > OCR option.


  • Hyperlinks to native documents within Linked Documents exports are now working.
  • "Export Natives" option is now working.
  • Folders and documents with ACL can now be exported by authorized users.
  • Multi-page annotations are now fully highlighted on all annotated pages in exports, and not just on the first page containing the Note.
  • "Annotated pages only" export option now includes all pages with Notes, and not just the first page where the Note appears.


  • Fixed a bug causing previous "Add Note" dialog details from a Chronology-linked Note to appear in the next "Add Note" dialog.

User Accounts

  • Fixed cosmetic issues in the user login pane.
  • Fixed errors in the SSO login page.