We are pleased to announce the release of version 7.2. This release includes additional options for System Administrators and more efficient Notes tab reports. If you have any questions or would like a demo of these improvements and bug fixes, please contact your Opus 2 Client Success team.

New Tools and Improvements

System Admin Page 

System Administrators now have the ability to make changes to workspaces and user accounts, all within the System Admin page, ensuring increased efficiency & greater access and reducing the time it takes to complete admin tasks.

  • Rename workspaces directly In System Admin > Workspaces.
  • Locate and unlock any user accounts that have been locked due to inactivity or failed login attempts, directly in System Admin > Users.
  • Admin users can now view and sort by a workspace's Creation Date.

Notes Tab Reporting 

Opus 2's Notes tab now offers more flexible options for reporting, with cleaner, more inclusive reports now produced with the Notes tab Export CSV option, as well as a new XLSX option that more accurately preserves formatting, characters and content. 


Other Improvements

  • OnPremise users only: Users can now access a quicker and more streamlined way to upload videos directly from a mounted disk.
  • Documents Tab: Enjoy greater flexibility with customizing the display in the Documents tab, with the ability for new folders to inherit parent folder colors, and functionality that allows the user's preferred resizing of document columns to stick.
  • Documents/Tags: Reviewers working within the Documents tab > Columns view now have increased efficiency, with the ability to remove Tags in bulk from this view, without having to navigate to the Tags view.
  • Tags: A code value for the "person" icon has now been added for Tags export and import CSVs, allowing ease and flexibility in applying this icon to both new and existing Tags.
  • System Admin: Admin users can now view and add longer workspace names more easily, with the newly extended Case Name field in the “Create Workspace” dialog.
  • Transcript: Ensuring ease and consistency in applying case name values to transcripts with the new Autocomplete functionality added to the Case Name field in the Import Transcript dialog.
  • General: Opus 2 now remembers user-appointed settings for sizes of dialog boxes, eliminating the need to resize each dialog box.

Bug Fixes


  • SSO-authenticated System Admin users can now reset passwords for non-SSO users.

Bulk Export/Import Designations

  • Import Designations: Fix a bug that prevented users from copying and pasting text until a file is selected.
  • Export designations CSV now displays the user-assigned date value applied to a transcript at import, instead of the date that transcript was uploaded.


  • Chronology: fixed a bug that prevented correct sorting of Number type fields in Chronological order


  • Fixed the display so that the vertical scroll bar displayed for Entities list now appears.


  • Upload Date column now sorts correctly for documents and transcripts.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented filter headers in the Notes Page Export Report PDF from showing correctly.


  • Fixed a bug preventing MDB transcripts from parsing at import time.
  • Fixed a bug that required users to replace transcripts twice for XML transcripts in order for the text to sync with video.

System Admin

  • Billing reports now accurately reflect correct video GB size as it now accounts for video deleted from transcripts.
  • “Last Access” data on a per-user basis is now accurate in the System Admin > Users tab.