We are pleased to announce the release of version 7.3. This release includes significant enhancements to the Chronology tab, and other notable new features and improvements. If you have any questions or would like a demo of these improvements and bug fixes, please contact your Opus 2 Client Success team.

New Tools and Improvements


The Opus 2 Chronology tab has been enhanced with additional options and new features, allowing users more convenience and flexibility in managing case facts and timelines.

  • Streamline your reporting with the ability to export only the sections of a document or transcript that have been specifically linked to a Chronology.
  • Enjoy more flexibility when importing Chronology data and preserve vital text formatting with the option to import entries from an XLSX file.
  • Easily make changes to your Chronology entries in bulk with the option of updating any of your Chronology fields using an import file; each Chronology entry is now assigned a unique ID that can be used for matching upon import of new or updated data.
  • Maintain essential formatting and further customize entries with increased support for bullet lists in your Chronology entries’ Description field – even during exports and imports – and the option for text highlighting and background color fill.
  • Run quick PDF exports of selected Source documents directly out of the Chronology.
  • Locate source documents for linking to Chronology more easily with the ability to link not just based on the document name, but on any other Opus 2 field that can function as a unique identifier.
  • Assign Character values to Chronology entries in bulk with the new “Link Entries to Characters” tool.

Other Improvements

  • Characters: Conveniently create new Characters on the fly when linking from documents, Notes or Chronology entries, eliminating the need to go back to the worksheet to set up a new Character.
  • Documents Tab: Check your documents’ text-searchable status at a glance with the new OCR status column in the Documents tab. OCR’d documents will now have a “Yes” value, making it quicker and easier to identify documents that still need to be OCR’d. 
  • Designations: Single-line references can now be imported as designations and applied directly to transcripts.
  • Metadata Imports: Easily change the folder location of multiple documents at a time using a CSV import file. Folder path metadata in a CSV file now automatically applies the folder location to the corresponding document.
  • Notes: Enjoy increased flexibility with revising or deleting annotations and replies to annotations on the fly with the added ability to edit or delete any Note within a thread.
  • Upload Manager: Enjoy more control over your upload jobs with the new option to cancel any ongoing or stalled uploads with the click of a button.
  • General: Opus 2 now prevents the Browser Autofill function from suggesting or applying previously entered text in text input fields.

Bug Fixes

Bulk Export/Import Designations

  • Fixed a bug that applied objection comments to incorrect designations.


  • Fixed a bug wherein the “View” button opens upward and can’t be fully viewed unless zoomed out.
  • Fixed the Chronology preview so that Notes made over a page and then linked to Chronology are fully displayed.
  • Fixed incorrect times and dates of entries affected by time zone selection.


  • Fixed the date settings so that creation date and modified date correctly reflect current date.
  • Fixed incorrect transcript dates within worksheets.


  • Fixed a bug in the Upload dialog causing upload jobs to stall in “Preparing to Process” status.
  • Exports of “All Documents Including Subfolders” now completing even if there are empty subfolders.
  • Fixed the Export Metadata CSV so that it correctly includes Characters linked to documents.


  • Fixed the “Export Documents with Annotations” filter so that it only shows relevant work product.


  • Fixed a bug causing documents recovered from trash to show as blank entries in search results.


  • Fixed page numbering in exported PDF and DOCX reports for multi-volume transcripts.
  • Removed Advanced Options Annotation Tags Filter that was preventing work product from showing on transcript exports

System Admin

  • Scrollbar added to “Delete Users” confirmation message for longer lists of users to be deleted.
  • All “Disabled” users now displaying their correct status in the Users tab.
  • When cloning a workspace, all Designation Types are now transferred from original workspace.
  • Fixed performance of System Admin page > Users tab so that it loads even when a large number of users is added to the server.