Release Notes 

Opus 2 7.4  


We are pleased to announce the release of version 7.4This release includes the new Chronology Timeline feature and other notable functional improvements. If you have any questions or would like a demo of these updates, please contact the Opus Client Success team. 

New Tools and Improvements 

Chronology: Timeline 

With this new view, you can focus on elements of your Chronology that help build your story as the key events unfold. You can then apply filtering, which can provide a different perspective, and each fact is displayed as an easy-to-digest, visual card. You can then click to view or add source information to build up your case point-by-point. Most importantly, when you want to share or present the timeline, it can be downloaded as a PowerPoint file.  

For more details on using the Timeline feature, please see this guide article: Chronology Timeline View 



Other Improvements 


  • New dialog added to expedite the process of finding and adding multiple Characters to documents, annotations and Chronology entries.  

  • Added the ability to remove Characters worksheet entries in bulk, with options to delete several selected entries at a time.  



  • Added the capability to process bookmarks in native PDF files on upload into hyperlinks in the platformusing the option to “Convert Bookmarks to Hyperlinks” in the upload window.   

  • Quickly repeat advanced actions taken in the right-click menu with fewer clicks using the new “Recently Used” option.  



  • View hyperlinked documents with more ease, with hyperlinks launching in either a new window or a new tab in the PDF viewer.  

  • Export and view only the most important metadata fields for your reports with improved CSV exports that contain only the essential data and in an order that best reflects your workflows for uploads and applying metadata.  



  • Improved the formatting of Notes report exports 

  • Easily copy citations and references from Opus onto your Word documents with the Annotation Clipboard enhancements, now allowing the option to include the document title and document reference when copying text.  

  • Customize your reports with the ability to turn the cover page option on or off for DOC and PDF exports.  

  • Streamline your annotated transcript exports with the option to export ONLY the Transcript pages that contain annotations, even for multiple deponents.  



  • Save time on video uploads with the new option to select multiple video MP4 files for transcoding when adding video to transcripts.  



  • Transcript line numbers now applied in exported reports.  

  • Search hits within documents now sorted by page when using Boolean operators in your searches.  


System Admin 

  • Archives: Enjoy more control when managing your archives with the ability to delete archives directly, bypassing the need to download first, and additional flagging of previously downloaded archives.  

  • Billing Reports: View the most current metrics per workspace with the “Refresh All” option. 

  • Clone Workspace: Transcript designations now included when cloning workspaces.  


Workspace Admin 

  • Workspace Admin/Notes settings: Customize settings for the Annotation Clipboard to suit your case team’s data-specific needs by specifying desired preferences for metadata, separators and delimiters.