This Guidance is applicable to the Opus 2 platform, Version 7.6


Opus 2 is pleased to announce its latest release of the Opus 2 platform. This release includes many new features, including an overhauled upload interface.


New Features

Overhauled Upload Interface

With the release of 7.6, Opus 2 is pleased to introduce a new ingestion engine to the platform.  The new and improved Upload Tool provides:

  • a single central location to manage all uploads,
  • the ability to upload batches concurrently,
  • robust upload processing,
  • clearer error reporting, including a 'Retry Batch' option,
  • more accurate time estimates, and
  • greater reporting functionality.

Revised Email Ingestion

Upon ingestion to the platform, metadata will be automatically extracted from email files in order to reduce the amount of manual intervention needed by legal teams.  The extracted metadata fields include:

  • Email Date & Time
  • Email To
  • Email From
  • Email Subject
  • Email CC & BCC
  • Email Document ID

Further to this, emails with attachments are given a Parent ID and Sort Date field - allowing for the organisation and review of Emails and their attached Documents in an easy manner. 

New Drafting Tools

Users can now copy bespoke stamp information - such as the Disclosure ID or Bundle, Tab and Page - from documents directly to their clipboard, allowing for easier offline document drafting, with Opus 2 hyperlink ready references.

These quick-click options can be found on the document toolbar and from within the clipboard view on the annotation dialogue, as shown below.  Please ask Opus 2 support for guidance on setting these tools up to best suit your needs.

Document toolbar option

Annotation dialogue option

Feature Improvements


  • Improvements to formatting retention of XLSX Chronology Imports.
  • Exports of Chronology in PDF format with linked documents will now link directly to specific pages (if applicable).
  • Ability to add time to the end of Date Ranges.
  • Annotations with Chronology Links show full annotation tool set rather than just a highlight.

System Admin

  • Workspace ID is available on Billing Tab and in Billing Reports, allowing for easier identification and tracking of workspaces.
  • Allow concurrent login on a user by user basis from System Admin tab. 


  • Users can now right click a folder and select "Export Natives" - this will allow for export of the original files, slipsheets or underlying natives. 

Two Factor Authentication

  • Simplified Two Factor Registration Page UI. 

Bug Fixes

Alongside new features and improvements to the existing functionality, we have also fixed a number of bugs relating to chronology and characters. If you have any questions about what has been resolved, please contact Opus 2 support.