This Guidance is applicable to Opus 2 Magnum Release 7.7


Opus 2 is pleased to announce its new release of the Opus 2 platform. This release includes improvements to our Document components, such as Autolinking and Bulk Organize. We have also made an improvement to email functionality within the platform, overhauling the look and feel of email invitations, as well as adding a new email notification for reactivated users.


Platform Improvements



Autolink is now more efficient with Folder-level Autolink. End Users can now run the Autolink tool across the folder level - generating links across numbers of documents in one click - saving man hours for any legal team. Reports can also be exported in XLSX format, giving a breakdown (per document) of any links not created.

To make workflows even easier for the end user, Workspace administrators can now set multiple default reference formats on a per workspace level. Reducing the scope for end-user error when using the autolink tool. 

Bulk Organize

Previously the bulk organize tool was only available to administrators of any workspace. This has now been separated out into a role capability for Workspace Administrators or System Admins to deploy to end users. 

Further to this, users with this capability can now export an index of any documents in the bulk organize tool to XLSX or CSV - allowing for quick exports of document metadata even across multiple folders - reducing the dataset size to just what the user needs.


Ingestion reporting is now more accurate, showing a page count for OCR per document in a batch as well as an accurate final summary breaking down overall statistics for the batch. Namely, these statistics reflect the following: Number of Documents attempted to upload, Number Completed, Number of Failures and Number of Pages OCR'd in total).


Designation Exporting

Users can now choose to exclude Author and Date stamp information from Designation and Annotation Exports on Transcripts. Allowing for simplified exports that contain just the designation information as required for sharing with external parties.

System Administration

Email Look and Feel

Emails contain more information useful to the end user - these being:

  • Dedicated Link to our end user guidance
  • Support Contact Details (Phone and Email)
  • Workspace URL
  • Training Contact Details.

All of these details are configurable by System Admins - so while working with the Opus 2 Team, Enterprise support teams can now direct new end users to internal documentation, internal training teams and internal support details - all from initial setup, reducing the need for number of emails circulated. 

Finally, System Admins can now enable auto-cc on automated email invites, allowing them to ensure emails have been dispatched correctly to end users.

Email Notifications

System admins can now choose to send email notifications to end users when they re-activate their accounts, these emails will remind users of the workspace details, as well as all of the above information to get them back into the platform as smoothly as possible. 

To configure the above, please contact the client success team and they will be happy to help you.


Alongside new features and improvements to the existing functionality, we have also fixed a defects relating to ingestion , metadata overlays and tool dialogues. If you have any questions about what has been resolved, please contact your client success manager.

Need Help? Please contact Opus 2 Platform Support at