This Guidance is applicable to Opus 2, version 7.10.1


Opus 2 is pleased to announce its new release of the Opus 2 platform. This release includes quality-of-life changes and a number of defect resolutions.


User Experience Improvements


Clipboard Changes

Users can now choose all clipboard options on Transcripts for citation purposes. Additionally, we've added a new option to include page number on all lines. 


Filter Timezone by Keyboard 

Users can now filter timezones using keyboard rather than scroll. This works for both Cities and Continents. 



  • Fixed formatting of Links Tables to prevent line breaks causing illegible text. 
  • In some instances, Folder Path would show incorrectly on CSVs - this has now been resolved. 
  • Landscape pages now longer rotate when redacted.
  • If numerous redactions are applied on a document after it is redacted, text is no longer misaligned. 
  • Ingestion Reporting during upload is now more accurate.
  • Documents Filter now works correctly when a date range is applied. 
  • Filtering Documents by a Tag now exports results correctly in CSV.
  • Custom Metadata fields with the word "Date" now export correctly in Indexes. 
  • Date filter now works correctly if a Time is included. 
  • Tags can now be applied from the Search Tab if only custom bundle results are shown - tag will apply to both the custom bundle and the original document. 


  • AND / OR now apply correct to Custom Field Filters.
  • Improved handling of large chronologies to prevent whiteout when scrolling. 
  • Can now filter for multiple Tags or Characters correctly. 
  • Can now use the Find function on an annotation when linking to a Chronology. 


  • Improved TXT Transcript handling for exports.
  • Export Reports now show the correct line numbers for Transcript results.

Need Help?

Please contact the Opus 2 Platform Support team if you have any questions.